If You realy want hear our music and filling mediaway spirit and early atmospher inviting M. E. P.

товар цена (евро) единицы примечание
1 CONCERTS 500-2500 CALL 40 min - 1.5 hour Call. Magic music show in old costums, lute, guitars, gipsy songs&dances
2 Tape, CD, etc... 10-20 Є for 1 exempl.
3 New alboum -Renaissance of Renaissance- Vol.1 The Memmory of Egypt wright to e-mail for 1 CD
4 Film ORANGE LOVE. wright to e-mail PHILOSOPHICAL ODE 2005-2006 year about love, passions and revolutions...
5 Suvenirs. T-Shirts with logo or poster M.E.P. All sices, Posters, cards etc... wright to e-mail


 e-mail: eldop@yandex.ru

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